John Locke

An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding

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    This, I think almost every one has experience of in himself, and his own observation without difficulty leads him thus far. That which I would further conclude from hence is, that since the mind can sensibly put on, at several times, several degrees of thinking, and be sometimes, even in a waking man, so remiss, as to have thoughts dim and obscure to that degree that they are very little removed from none at all; and at last, in the dark retirements of sound sleep, loses the sight perfectly of all ideas whatsoever: since, I say, this is evidently so in matter of fact and constant experience, I ask whether it be not probable, that thinking is the action and not the
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    he Project Gutenberg EBook of An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding, Volume I., by John Locke
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    He that hawks at larks and sparrows has no less sport, though a much less considerable quarry, than he that flies at nobler game:

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