Heather Graham

The Old Florida Series

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The country may be divided, but in these two Civil War romances by a New York Times– and USA Today–bestselling author, North and South come together . . .
With this pair of historical romances set in Heather Graham’s home state of Florida during the War Between the States, the New York Times–bestselling author gives readers two unforgettable novels of deep passion in the Deep South.
Glory: Julian McKenzie, a surgeon and makeshift colonel, is trapped with his Rebel platoon. While fleeing from an attack, he finds refuge in a run-down plantation, where widow Rhiannon Tremaine, a Union sympathizer, practices what the locals call witchcraft. In reality, Rhiannon is a gifted healer and medic. And Julian is about to experience her magic first-hand.
“Graham knows how to spin an effective love story.” —Publishers Weekly
Triumph: Once a Southern belle, Tia McKenzie now sneaks into the North and escorts Rebel soldiers back to safety, using a trick borrowed from Lady Godiva. Tia’s passion and bravery—not to mention beauty—don’t go unnoticed by Union soldier Taylor Douglas. But obstacles stand between them: the chasm of war, the hostilities of their families, and a forced marriage to the wrong man.
“Ms. Graham triumphs as a writer of immense caliber creating a masterwork on the history of Florida and a dynamic sexy romance.” —Romantic Times
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    But her cousin wrenched her covers away, caught her arm, and dragged her to her feet. “Tia, there’s a major battle going on. Injured men all over. I’m being sent out to a field hospital. You’re coming with me.”
    “No ... no. You’ve got Mary. Nurses, orderlies—”
    “Mary is coming. And you’re coming with me, too. You’re experienced. You’ve worked with Julian. You know me, and you’ll be good with me.”
    “No, Brent, I don’t care anymore. I’m sick of injured soldiers and chopped-up men.”
    “Oh! You’re suddenly sick of them? Well, believe me, Tia, they’re sick of being chopped up!”
    “I don’t care.” She closed her eyes.
    She was startled when her cousin suddenly seized hold of her, shaking her. “Damn you, Tia, now! I need your help—they need help. They’re suffering. Not crying over what they can’t change!”
    “Brent!” She pulled free from him, taking a deep breath, meeting his eyes. What was the matter with her? “Brent, I’m sorry ... I’ll get dressed. Quickly,” she told him.
    “Good! I really need you, Tia.”
    Within a few minutes, she was ready.
    With Brent and Mary, she rode down the street to the hospital, where dozens of wagons were being prepared with canvas tents and medical supplies. Men were shouting orders, horses were neighing, bugles were blowing, drums were pounding.
    “The engagement has begun!”
    “The bloody Yanks are everywhere.”
    “They say there will be thousands fallen.”

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