Luke Sutton

The Life of a Sports Agent

There is a lot of mystery that surrounds sports agents and their roles in the lives of their high profile clients. Many perceive the life to be glamorous, spending time with celebrities and earning a lot of money for doing easy or very little work. The Life of a Sports Agent reveals how very wrong this perception is.
Having been a high profile sports agent for nearly 10 years, with clients such as James Anderson, Sam Quek, Nile Wilson, James Taylor, and Simon Mignolet, Luke Sutton has an incredible insight into the world of sports management across a number of areas. In his new book,The Life of a Sports Agent, Luke reveals stories and personal experiences about the sporting stars he has encountered, both the good and bad, and his very honest opinions about them.
This book also aims to give people a true look into how this mysterious industry works, and highlights the important lessons Luke has learned during his career. The Life of a Sports Agent follows Luke’s 2019 autobiography, Back from the Edge.
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