Paul J Bennett

Temple Captain

A rot creeps through the Continent, threatening to destroy its very foundation

After her victory in the south, Charlaine is summoned to the Antonine, where the Church rules supreme. Before she even arrives, an outcast confronts her with a mysterious warning, propelling her to question all she thought to be true.

Armed with this knowledge, she must tread carefully in the politically charged courts of the north. Upon taking up the mantle of Temple Knight, the challenges she encounters reveal why she was tasked with this new command.

Entrusted with the secret mission of creating a new Holy Fleet, she soon discovers a far-reaching conspiracy. Even with Danica by her side, she struggles to protect the order from a deadly enemy who is determined to win at any cost.

Unsure who they can trust, they must now come to terms not only with the possible annihilation of their order but the very Church itself. Somehow, they must preserve the tenuous peace keeping the Petty Kingdoms united or see all they value destroyed.

Whispers of occupation by a relentless enemy torment Charlaine deShandria as the saga of the Sisters of Saint Agnes continues in Paul J Bennett's Temple Captain, Book Three of the Power Ascending series.

Prepare to be embroiled in intrigue and adventure when you crack open your copy of Temple Captain.

New to the series? Meet Charlaine and Ludwig in Tempered Steel, the series prequel, then crack open a copy of Temple Knight to learn how a leader is forged.

What readers say about Paul J Bennett’s books:

★★★★★ -"Fantastic Fantasy!"

★★★★★ -"Epic Battle Scenes!

★★★★★ -"I’m hooked on this series!"

★★★★★ -"Exciting Sword and Sorcery."

★★★★★ -"Outstanding work of fantasy."

★★★★★ -"Another excellent book series!!"

★★★★★ -"I just could not stop reading them."

★★★★★ -"This author has a way to tell stories.”

★★★★★ -"Easy to follow, but difficult to put down.”

★★★★★ -"Wow! Best book I’ve read in a LONG time!"

★★★★★ -"Thoroughly absorbing, exciting, and mystical."

★★★★★ -"A real fantasy that springs off the pages.”

★★★★★ -"I love the strong and smart female characters.”

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