but the general feeling among the females seemed to be one of uneasiness during the period of our stay among them: which was very brief.
regularity when they are not in use.
The women rose hastily, on our entrance, and retired in a hurried manner to either side of the fireplace. They were all cleanly—many of them decently—attired, and there was nothing peculiar, either in their appearance or demeanour.
which are kept perfectly bright, and displayed on shelves in great order and regular
Talk to them of parental solicitude, the happy days of childhood, and the merry games of infancy!
Barely past her childhood, it required but a glance to discover that she was one of those children, born and bred in neglect and vice, who have never known what childhood is: who have never been taught to love and court a parent’s smile, or to dread a parent’s frown.


the very existence of which, should make men’s hearts bleed.
with her pinched-up, half-starved features twisted into an expression of careful cunning.
was communicating some instructions to her visitor—her daughter evidently
their eyes, and within their hearing, than if they were blind and deaf.
Heaven knows there were enough of them, in the persons of the other prisoners in the yard, who were no more concerned by what was passing before
The girl was perfectly unmoved.
abrupt cry of grief,
one corner of this singular-looking den, was a yellow, haggard, decrepit old woman, in a tattered gown that had once been black, and the remains of an old straw bonnet, with faded ribbon of the same hue, in earnest conversation with a young girl—a prisoner, of course—of about two-and-twenty. It is impossible to imagine a more poverty-stricken object, or a creature so borne down in soul and body, by excess of misery and destitution, as the old woman.

Dickens hentyder her til det sørgelige i, den unge kvindes måde, at tjene til dagen og vejen på gennem prod. Den unge kvinde er formentlig fængslet for dette.

some twenty women: the majority of whom, however, as soon as they were aware of the presence of strangers, retreated to their wards.
The women’s side is in the right wing of the prison nearest the Sessions-house.
Newgate-market), the Sessions-house, and Newgate-street.
form a square, of which the four sides abut respectively on the Old Bailey, the old College of Physicians (now forming a part of
a choice collection of heavy sets of irons, including those worn by the redoubtable Jack Sheppard—genuine; and those said to have been graced by the sturdy limbs of the no less celebrated Dick Turpin—doubtful
and casts of the heads and faces of the two notorious murderers, Bishop and Williams;
We were disappointed; he had not even top-boots on.
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