Victor Lucas

Stock Market Investing for Beginners

★ The #1 Book On Stock  Investments! ★

1. The stock market has its peculiarities. It's a world where a small matter has the potential of creating a massive impact. One thing added or one thing left out could be the difference between making a million dollars and losing it all.

2. There is no shortage of investors. The world has many of them. And you can be sure that some are extremely successful while others cry bitterly over their losses.

3. The reason why most investors fail is that theyapproach investing as though it were some lottery game. They are chance-takers. They have no plan. They stagger from one failed investment to another, taking stabs in the dark, and soon enough they lose all their money.

4. This book has been written to help you become an intelligent investor. An intelligent investor is not a chance-taker. An intelligent investor is a vainvestor who exploits market inconsistencies long before others have taken notice.

5. You will learn all the basics of the stock market investment and how to optimize your investments and realize the largest possible profits.

6. An investor should not turn himself into a speculator, for a speculator acts on his instincts rather than his intellect when executing trades.

7. The stock market is neither a mythical place beyond human understanding, nor a place reserved for people with special genetics. The investors who have made a fortune out of stock market are average people like everyone else except they took their time to understand everything before trying to get in the game.

8. There are many investments in the securities markets beyond stocks. You could invest in bonds and funds like mutual funds and index funds.

9. Investing in IPOs gives you a chance to own a slice of a company and in return,you play your part in providing the company with much-neededresources.

10. The best single thing an investor can do before taking up an investment deal is to conduct a fundamental analysis.

11. Fundamental analysis is the evaluation of a company's financial health with the intention of either solidifying your interest in the venture or finding out any red flag.
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