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Laura's Evolution

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LauraÕs desire for total subjugation runs deep, and when she meets Master Bernard, she believes sheÕs found the man sheÕs always dreamed of and slave life she desires. The two marry and begin their life together in a luxurious house thatÕs discreetly located on 50 private acres, behind a high surrounding wall. Though they experience the usual up and downs of a new marriage, Laura settles in well to her unique lifestyle as her husbandÕs slave. However, toward the end of the second year, a decision is made to fit her with a full range of purpose-designed bondage ÔjewelleryÕ and custom-made restraints. Though excited to see her bondage fantasies fully realized, she has no clue that nearly all of the elaborate decorations her master orders cannot be removed! With specific plans in mind, Master Bernard takes LauraÕs transformation slowly: a physical exam, dental impressions, repeated piercings, even surgery to remove her floating ribs in order to better accommodate the strict corsetry he envisions. The experience is deeply arousing, though itÕs troubling too. SheÕs dreamed of such extremes since puberty, but she has no idea how far her master plans to take their mutual fantasy, until itÕs too late to change her mind. SheÕs fitted with a collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, and bands around her arms and legs. More restraints and odd devices follow as her subjugation becomes more intense and more invasive. She can barely even move! Soon sheÕs living in a locked cell far from her husbandÕs bed, where every physical requirement is taken care of by the masterÕs elaborate gadgetry, including her sexual release. As the weeks go by, she sees little of the man she married and far more of the governess he hired to attend to her physical needs. With so little outside stimulation and no access to the natural world her days and weeks just blend into one. And still, she has yet to learn the ultimate truth of her incarceration and her masterÕs plan for his future and hers.
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