Charles Dickens

English Master Stories for Children

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“English Master Stories for Children” celebrates the beautiful, flogging fake ugly evil; respected honesty, kindness, compassion, generosity, diligence, wisdom, courage, spirit, condemned cunning, treachery, cruelty, greed, selfishness, cowardice, ignorance, old-fashioned. In one hundred years ago, the author's point of view is undoubtedly progressive, that is, today, still has a lot of reference. Many of their values, has eternal significance, belongs to all times. In several of the late writer of fairy tales, we can also note an interesting phenomenon: the heroine's position is very prominent, and they kind of different from the traditional fairy tale, gentle and kind, but in a passive position Cinderella-style female model, expressed as resolute and decisive, intelligent wit, independent minded and moral beliefs, and strive to control their own destiny new image of women. This phenomenon reflects the modern female self-consciousness, to add a fresh, fun fairy tale. This anthology of fairy tale writing each chapter 's different style varies due to writers, some humorous, fun, and some lyrical delicate euphemism moving, reflecting the British nineteenth-century literary fairy tale colors. I hope it can give our children and adult fairy tale lovers bookshelf, adding a variety.
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