Citati iz knjige „Austenland“ autora Shannon Hale

She closed her eyes and held to that moment as she would to the tatters of a really great dream in the waking gray of dawn.
Fairy-tale land was a safe place to roll around in, get into trouble, figure yourself out, and come out unscathed.
Jane tightened her bonnet ribbon, hoping it might help keep her thoughts snug in her head.
The whole scene was rather Hester Prynne, and Jane imagined herself on a scaffold with a scarlet C for “cell phone” on her chest.
Stealth was her name, contraband electronic messages her game.
waiting for a decision to bite her. In some tree, a bird croaked a suggestion. Jane wished she spoke Bird.
What a crock, she thought. What absolute boredom and inanity. It can’t really have been like this. And if it was, why didn’t all those Regency women go insane?
He had a dashing smile. It nearly dashed right off his face.
“It’s an all-inclusive, three-week vacation in England. From what I gather, you dress up and pretend to be someone in the year 1816.”
“Listen, sweetie, my story’s told. I’ve had my dancing days, and I’m facing my own The End. But sky and stars know how your story will turn out. So go make your happily-ever-after happen.”
“Not that there’s anything wrong with spinsters,” Carolyn said, patting the fragile folds in her neck.
“Of course not. Spinster is just an archaic term for ‘career-minded.’”
Some voices get hard and tight with age, some rough like broken glass. Her voice was soft, sand beat by waves till it’s as fine as powdered sugar.
Stripped of Austen’s funny, insightful, biting narrator, the movie became a pure romance.
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