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Emotional Manipulation Tactics

Don’t Give Manipulators The Chance To Control Your Life.
Identify Their Covert Tactics And Put A Stop To It Now!
Emotional Manipulation is deadly: it is very subtle, takes a lot of time and slowly creeps into a relationship until you wake up one day to realize you have become fearful and feel unworthy, emotionally needing, unlovable, insignificant, untrusting and undeserving. And the pathetic thing is you are too afraid to leave!
Covert emotional manipulation is a deceptive and abusive form of exercising control in relationships. It occurs when a person uses underhanded methods to change the other person’s thinking, behavior and perceptions for the purpose of gaining power and control. It’s really is pathetic for no one deserves to be treated this way.    
This  precious little book contains 35 covert tactics manipulators use and how you can identify them in your daily life and put a stop to it. Through this book, you will gain the knowledge and strength you need to assess and leave your situation to find true happiness.
Once you learn the underhanded mind games manipulators use, you will be able to liberate yourself from emotional abuse and control and no one will be able to toy with your sense of self-worth and emotional well being ever again!
Buy This Book And Spot The Warning Signs Today!
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    While this fear is being created, the victim goes through a lot of stress or anxiety and then it abruptly comes to an end. This sudden mood change disarms the person, making him or her unable to make rational or reasonable decision.
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    The emotional manipulator deliberately places his victim in a state of fear, quickly removes the threat and then replaces it with a mild demand for compliance.
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    Ask them a specific question and they will answer in general terms

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