Meiring Fouche

Death at Sunrise


Buckle up for a thrilling adventure in the scorching Sahara desert with the brave men of the French Foreign Legion in Meiring Fouche’s action-packed page-turner, “Death at Sunrise”. This is the sixth installment in Fouche’s wildly popular “Sahara Adventure series” which follows the daring exploits of Legionnaire Teuns Stegmann and his loyal band of brothers as they confront peril at every turn in colonial North Africa.

This latest edge-of-your-seat thriller, “Death at Sunrise” sweeps readers into a gripping adventure in the sweltering Sahara desert. It centers around five comrades of the French Foreign Legion, the impulsive Teuns Stegmann, brawny Fritz Mundt, quick-witted Jack Ritchie, hardy Podolski the Pole, and feisty Petacci the Italian. Together for the first time, they embark on a perilous patrol mission into the barren wasteland. As scorching winds blast their faces and water supplies dwindle, a lethal sandstorm suddenly engulfs them, obliterating their bearings. Their odds of surviving the merciless conditions seem hopeless until they spot two camels racing through the sand. They desperately pursue the two camels for a chance at sanctuary. After an arduous chase, the men finally reach safety in one of three clay huts nestled in a remote oasis. But what they discover inside the humble shelter leaves them shocked and imperiled. There lies the alluring yet cunning Brigitte Bonnet, the notorious “Witch of the Sahara” hellbent on revenge for her sister’s death. Conflict collides as the soldiers confine her, intent on delivering the wanted woman to authorities in Algiers.

Yet Brigitte has a knack for slipping away. After drugging her captors’ water and fleeing into the darkness, the men awake parched and furious. As the sandstorm entombs the oasis’s life-saving well, they become stranded without water, slowly succumbing to a torturous demise. But just when all hope evaporates, a mysterious bomber plane appears and airlifts the five friends to the Arab stronghold of Dutra. In the capital, they are locked away in a reeking dungeon. While languishing in despair, they uncover something extraordinary concealed beneath the cell’s hay that renews their drive for survival. But can they utilize it before Brigitte’s next lethal plan takes form? For she and the Arab leaders have concocted a barbaric public execution for the legionnaires, set to take place in front of a bloodthirsty mob at sunrise. As the first glimmer of light creeps over the distant dunes, only a miracle seems capable of saving the condemned men from the ceremonial blade. Can Teuns and his loyal comrades-in-arms escape Brigitte’s wrath and derail her genocidal scheme? Against impossible odds, the courageous legionnaires will have to fight with every ounce of strength and cunning if they hope to turn the tables on Brigitte and her bloodthirsty hordes and live to fight another day.

Death at Sunrise delivers a high-stakes tale wound with tension, valor, and startling twists that will leave readers enthralled until the very last page. Fouche’s masterful storytelling ability shines as he weaves vivid desert scenery, high-action drama, and magnetic characters into a profoundly entertaining novel. With nonstop action, diabolical villains, and high-stakes drama across an exotic North African landscape, “Death at Sunrise” will leave fans of Fouche’s Sahara Adventure series hungry for more. Only by joining Legionnaire Stegmann on his latest white-knuckle adventure through perilous desert sands will you discover the breathtaking answer for yourself. So sit down, strap in, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride you won’t soon forget with this thrilling Sahara desert story.
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