Salvage the Bones, Jesmyn Ward
Jesmyn Ward

Salvage the Bones

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A hurricane is building over the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the coastal town of Bois Sauvage, Mississippi, and Esch's father is growing concerned. He's a hard drinker, largely absent, and it isn't often he worries about the family. Esch and her three brothers are stocking up on food, but there isn't much to save. Lately, Esch can't keep down what food she gets; at fifteen, she has just realized that she's pregnant. Her brother Skeetah is sneaking scraps for his prized pit bull's new litter, dying one by one. Meanwhile, brothers Randall and Junior try to stake their claim in a family long on child's play and short on parenting.
As the twelve days that make up the novel's framework yield to a dramatic conclusion, this unforgettable family – motherless children sacrificing for one another as they can, protecting
and nurturing where love is scarce – pulls itself up to face another day.
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Jawad Albayati
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I love english stories

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Anna Kirsten Schaksen
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Fremragende, god plot, spændende, karakterer man gerne vil lære at kende!


Hollistonje citiraoпрошле године
], and it’ll be a long time before its magic wears off … Ward winds private passions with that menace gathering force out in the Gulf of Mexico.
alexandria je citiraoпре 2 године
Salvage the Bones is an intense book, with powerful, direct prose that dips into poetic metaphor … We are immersed in Esch’s world, a world in which birth and death nestle close, where there is little safety except that which the siblings create for each other. That close-knit familial relationship is vivid and compelling, drawn with complexities and detail’ Los Angeles Times
Stanislav  Baryshnikov
Stanislav Baryshnikovje citiraoпре 3 године

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