Back from Africa, Corinne Hofmann
Corinne Hofmann

Back from Africa

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In The White Masai Corinne Hofmann told the incredible story of how she fell in love with and married Lketinga, a Masai warrior, and lived with his family in Kenya. Now, in Back From Africa, she describes her return to Switzerland and the difficulties that faced her there, detailing how she built a new life for herself and her daughter and overcame all obstacles with the same courage and optimist with which she faced the demands of her life in the Kenyan outback. Once again, Hofmann has proved herself to be an acute observer and an effective storyteller, and her astonishing and compelling tale speaks for herself.
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Once more I’m astonished how a decision made in an instant can change your life and suddenly break an old routine and set you off on a different path. It’s only a question of having the courage to make the change.
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