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There is one key behavior that underscores every move a McKinsey consultant makes: steadfast discipline.
“Why is this problem bad for the company?” and “Why would fixing this problem help the company?”
You have to have discipline in your work ethic and in how you think about and approach problems.
Not only is hard work required for continued success at your business endeavors, but strategic, disciplined thinking is a must-have asset.
and informative report, then why rush to have it done in three days?
If spending an entire week on something rather than three days will lead to a much more thorough
Rather than shooting for the stars in terms of your boss’s expectations and timelines, shoot for the stars in terms of the quality of your work.
A great way to increase the efficiency of your problem-solving tactics is to establish repeatable practices you can use to handle issues that arise
Why would fixing this problem help the company?
Why is this problem bad for the company?
you consistently approach problems with the big picture in mind
Learning how to operate with a similar level of discipline is the first step to understanding and implementing McKinsey’s techniques within your own role.
Being able to make someone else smile, however insignificant and fleeting it may be, goes a long way in improving moods and gaining trust—both of which are key if you’re going to successfully work with people to find solutions to the problems you’ve been assigned to fix.
Communicate like you’re in charge, regardless of whether or not you are

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Data analysis is a must in today’s business world

My technical analysis background.

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