Harry Potter – The Ultimate Book of Facts, Jack Goldstein
Jack Goldstein

Harry Potter – The Ultimate Book of Facts

Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? You have probably read every book and seen every film many times over. But how much do you really know? This excellent book has more than two hundred facts that will surprise and amaze you in equal measure. Sections include:
— Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe
— Quidditch
— Hermione Granger and Emma Watson
— The Ministry of Magic
— The Triwizard Tournament
— Hogwarts
— And many more
If you love Harry Potter and want to expand your knowledge of the series, this is the perfect way to do it — you can even use these fantastic facts to make the ultimate quiz for your friends!
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There is an official Harry Potter t-shirt which features a ‘wanted’ poster of Bellatrix Lestrange, saying that she was convicted of murder. However, in the books, she was in fact sent to Azkaban not for murder but for torture - of Alice and Frank Longbottom of course.
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The Books
In The Goblet of Fire, there is a character called Natalie McDonald. A heart-warming story is behind her... Natalie was a real nine-year-old girl who was a huge Harry Potter fan. She had incurable leukaemia however, and knew she did not have long to live. Natalie wrote to JK Rowling to ask her what happened in the next book, but sadly by the time JK Rowling wrote back Natalie had died of her illness - so Rowling immortalised Natalie in the book.
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When JK Rowling took an online ‘sorting hat’ quiz, she was placed into Hufflepuff!

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