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Raspberry Pi

If you want to create awesome Rapsberry Pi projects but don’t know where to start, then keep reading… 
Have you tried learning about the Raspberry Pi, but been overwhelmed by technical jargon that just doesn’t make sense? 
That’s the problem with most resources for the Pi. They overcomplicate the process and assume that you’re already a master programmer who knows dozens of programming languages. 
…But did you know that it doesn’t have to be that complicated? 
In fact, it’s possible for absolute beginners with ZERO coding experience to create cool projects using the Raspberry Pi, within just the first hour of switching it on! 
Wouldn’t you like to learn how to do the same? 
As you may well know, the Raspberry Pi is a palm-sized, cheap and cutting-edge microcomputer that is threatening to make your old bulky PC obsolete. 
The Pi can be used to create amazing projects such as media centers, security systems, home automation systems, and gaming consoles just to name a few. 
But unfortunately, many people who buy a Raspberry Pi never learn how to use it properly. They simply get overwhelmed and give up. 
That’s where this book comes in… 
By using simple language, tons of examples, and easy to follow steps, we make using the Raspberry Pi simple & fun for everyone — regardless of your level of computer-savvy! 
Seriously, if you can switch on a computer — you can learn how to use the Raspberry Pi! 
Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

Which Model Of The Raspberry Pi You Should Choose

What Projects The Raspberry Pi Can Be Used For

What Programming Languages You Can Use On The Pi

How An Absolute Beginner Can Learn To Write Computer Code In Minutes

How To Set Up The Raspberry Pi Out Of The Box

The Simple Way To Turn Your Raspberry Pi Into A Media Center

Much, Much More!

This information is presented in simple terms, so there’s no need to worry about complicated technical jargon that you’ll find in most other Raspberry Pi resources. In fact, you’ll likely be surprised at just how simple & stress-free using the Raspberry Pi can be! 
Even if you have absolutely no experience with computers, you too will be able to create awesome projects with the Raspberry Pi in no time!
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