Fabulous Fashions of the 1960s, Felicia Lowenstein Niven
Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Fabulous Fashions of the 1960s

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In the 1960s, some women liked to show off in miniskirts and go-go boots. Others preferred the more conservative look of First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy who donned neutral-colored two-piece suits and pillbox hats. Women had sky-high hairstyles like the beehive or maybe down-to-earth, long, straight hair. African Americans combined traditional African cloth with modern styles and fought for civil rights. A war raged on in Vietnam while the Beatles invaded America. Read about the fashions, fads, pop culture icons, and world events of the 1960s.
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You probably can think of a lot of uses for paper. But would you make a dress out of it? A company did in the 1960s.
Scott Paper Company wanted to get their name out. They created a paper dress in two patterns. One was black and white; the other was red. Women could buy the
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