Deon Meyer


Rhino smugglers, international espionage, and a missing person investigation collide in this “powerhouse read” from the acclaimed South African author (Publishers Weekly, starred review).
Lemmer’s first rule is “Don’t get involved.” A highly skilled bodyguard with a violent, criminal past, he has settled into a quiet life in Loxton, South Africa. But when a wealthy farmer asks him to help save a pair of rare black rhinos by smuggling them out of Zimbabwe, Lemmer can’t say no. Now he’s on a small airplane, zipping across the border with a military-grade shotgun at his feet—sensing that he’s about to regret breaking his own rule.
Weaving together Lemmer’s story with a missing person investigation and the machinations of a top intelligence agency, Trackers is “a sprawling, invigorating and socially committed crime novel” (The Independent).
“Deon Meyer is one of the unsung masters.” —Michael Connelly, New York Times–bestselling author of the Harry Bosch novels
“Meyer’s ambition matches his execution in this brilliantly complex stand-alone thriller set in his native South Africa.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review
“[Meyer is] the king of South African crime fiction.” —Booklist, starred review
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