Nine Princes In Amber, Roger Zelazny
Roger Zelazny

Nine Princes In Amber

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One of the most revered names in science fiction and fantasy, the incomparable Roger Zelazny was honored with numerous prizes—including six Hugo and three Nebula Awards—over the course of his legendary career. Among his more than fifty books, arguably Zelazny’s most popular literary creations were his extraordinary Amber novels.

Now officially licensed by the Zelazny estate, the first book in this legendary series is now finally available electronically.

Carl Corey wakes up in a secluded New York hospital with amnesia. He escapes and investigates, discovering the truth, piece by piece: he is really Prince Corwin, of Amber, the one true world of which our Earth is just a shadow. He is one of nine men who might rule Amber, if he can fight his way past the armies of his older brother Eric.
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Back to basics. Прочитал оригинал спустя 15 лет после прочтения перевода. Язык великолепен. Сюжет по-прежнему захватывает и не отпускает. Жду экранизацию:)

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Katzen Gott
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his head and clobbered him with the metal strut.
Aleksandr Meshkov
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It was starting to end, after what seemed most of eternity to me.
Brittney Iturrey
Brittney Iturreyje citiraoпрошле године
But there was this terrible sense of urgency. I had to find out the full story as soon as possible and act as soon as I knew it. It lay like a compulsion upon me. If danger was the price of memory and risk the cost of opportunity, then so be it. I'd stay.
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