Sentencing Sapphire, Mia Thompson
Mia Thompson

Sentencing Sapphire

Sapphire Dubois is back in the follow-up to the international bestsellers STALKING SAPPHIRE and SILENCING SAPPHIRE, fighting her most grueling serial killer yet.
A summer has passed since the catastrophe at the country club. Heiress and vigilante Sapphire Dubois has escaped to Paris, where she has shed her rich persona and lives as the infamous Serial Catcher. When the handsome Detective Aston Ridder tracks her down, Sapphire returns home to find Beverly Hills in chaos. A new vigilante has taken over Sapphire’s old job, and will stop at nothing to get her predecessor out of the way.
Meanwhile, a man with dark intentions and a deceiving smile has nestled his way into the rich community and is killing off heiresses. It doesn’t take long before Sapphire finds that this man, the next killer she has to catch, is none other than her estranged father. Already plagued by sickening memories, Sapphire is pushed to the limit when her father initiates a deranged game that threatens both her sanity and the lives of everyone around her.
While Aston struggles to keep the woman he loves from drowning in her father’s madness, Sapphire battles to outwit her merciless opponents before time runs out and more innocent blood is spilled.
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megustasbananaje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
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I've read the book from the first one, I really like the first one. But as the time passed, I think the book becomes more unrealistic :( The plot is too dramatic, and the characters were not portrayed deeply. Not all killer act like that. But oh well, it's a nice book to read.

Lsorensen16je podelio/la utisakпре 3 године
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lynne99192je citiraoпре 10 месеци
“A hunt on tsain iz ois hunt, you know what I mean?”

Sapphire smiled up at him. “I never do.”

“A dog without teeth just isn’t a dog.”

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