Other Voices, Other Rooms, Truman Capote
Truman Capote

Other Voices, Other Rooms

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Provocative and disturbing, Truman Capote’s first published novel is a meditation on how fate can debase youthful expectations. Joel Knox seeks his long-absent father and his own future, but nothing turns out as planned.
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Nadya Bessonova
Nadya Bessonovaje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године

Pure magic. Read it, you’ll love American literature (OK at least Capote personally) forever

Nadya Bessonova
Nadya Bessonovaje citiralaпре 2 године
when he spied the bluejay feather. It was fioating above his head, as if held by a spider's thread. He plucked it out of the air, carried it to the bureau and deposited it in the lacquered box, which was lined with red plush; it also occurred to him that this would be a good place to store Sam Radclif’s bullet.
George Patton
George Pattonje citiraoпре 4 године
Other Voices, Other Rooms


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