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Caryl Rivers


A young journalist tries to find her way during the era of JFK’s presidency, in a world that is not as innocent as it seems . . .
Mary Springer, an up-and-coming White House reporter from a small paper in Belvedere, Maryland, is—by the standards of 1963—way ahead of her time. After she manages to strike up an acquaintance with President Kennedy during an assignment to cover the White House, Mary’s personal and professional lives begin to converge. She becomes involved in a crisis over city planners who want to raze a mostly black neighborhood and build luxury apartments, and while Martin Luther King Jr. prepares to march on Washington, racial violence erupts in Belvedere and the president goes about his last days before tragedy strikes.
Working beside Jay Broderick, a charismatic photographer, and Don Johnson, a young African American man recently returned from the freedom rides to the South, Mary must struggle to find her own identity amid the legacy of the Camelot years, in this novel filled with humor, heartbreak, and “all the elements of the sixties,” from the author of the international bestseller Virgins (Library Journal).
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