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iPhone User's Guide

The introduction of the iPhone X last year meant you could have an entirely new iPhone in your hands with innovative new features such as Face ID and a big screen in a compact body. Now Apple has iterated that design to create the XS.iPhone Xs is packed with next-generation technologies and is a huge step forward for the future of the smartphone.

Everything is state of the art including the industry-first 7-nanometer A12 Bionic chip with 8-core Neural Engine, faster Face ID and an advanced dual camera system that shoots Portrait mode photos with Smart HDR and dynamic depth of field," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

“iPhone Xs is not one, but two new iPhone models, and iPhone Xs Max offers the biggest display ever in an iPhone with the biggest battery ever in an iPhone, delivering up to an hour and a half more battery life in your day.”If you already had an iPhone, then chances are you already know how it works. But the iPhone XS will throw you a curveball because the Home button has been removed.

This guide will unveil how to use the shortcuts and gestures that go along with this transition You will also learn:• In-depth coverage of all the new features added to iOS 12• 3D Touch and Face ID• iPhone XS & XS Max Software and hardware features• Settings & Configuration• Brief history of the Apple iPhone• iPhone XS & XS Max specifications• Restoring or transferring Data from another phone• Tips & Tricks for your iphone• Troubleshooting Common Problems• Much, much, more!Get ready to enjoy your new iPhone by clicking the BUY Button to add this book to your shelve.
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