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Kama Sutra Guide to Having Amazing Sex

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In these pages, you will learn a variety of exotic and extreme sex tips that will enable you to give and receive pleasure in such a way that you’ve never experienced before. Not only will you learn how to do rare lovemaking positions, you will also find tips which will help you perform these positions the right way so as to minimize accidents and awkward moments and to provide maximum pleasure for your partner and for yourself.
Do you want to learn to last longer, and be the best she's ever had in bed?
This book contains hidden sexual techniques, but without all the boring details and scientific facts that accompany these studies, which would be of no help to you. What you’ll find is a guide on how to put your sex life on steroids, and become irreplaceable for your lover!
Leave the stigma of sex behind. Making love is an art. The information in this book will open up a whole new world to your intimate relationships, taking your abilities to a whole new level and turning you into a Michael Angelo of intimacy. You will you see the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of what these practices have to offer.
If you want your sexual abilities to reach never before seen heights and you to become the ULTIMATE DRUG for the sexual pleasure of your partner, then DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS BOOK!
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