Matthew Warner

10 Best College Majors for the Next Decade

Today's college students face a difficult decision: how to choose the right college major. With so many choices, and a major job shortage across the country, it is hard to know which majors will help a college graduate find a job and build a lucrative career.
This book provides valuable data on the top emerging fields that are set to explode with job opportunities over the next 5 to 10 years. It examines several sources of research and summarizes it all in a simple, easy to read format that gives the prospective student the information they need to decide on the best college major for them.
The comprehensive book discusses the top 10 fields of study, and for each college major it provides:
- Coursework and recommended electives
- Top colleges and universities for each major in each region of the country
- Estimated tuition for each school
- Typical job titles in the field
- Average salaries for the field, including high and low ranges
- States with the highest employment opportunities for each field
- Projected areas for advancement and research
- Other interesting facts impacting the field
- Projected job growth over the next decade
- Why each field is considered a top emerging job field
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