Kari Kilgore

Independent by Means of Magic

An Enchanting Victorian Fantasy

Victoria Haversham leads a life of privilege. A luxurious home. Beautiful gowns and jewelry. Even a fine education.

But her father’s single-minded determination to marry her off transforms Victoria’s pleasant life into torment. He never suspects Victoria means to create her own future.

Police Inspector Rob McDuff patrols London with a keen mind and a heavy burden. Caught in never ending routine in a city full of crime.

Then he discovers a misdeed unexplainable by normal methods. An investigation that leads him to Victoria’s door.

Will McDuff seal Victoria’s fate? Or will their collision create a new destiny for them both?

The Odd Society: Book One

An excerpt from Independent by Means of Magic:

Some plans are best laid in secret

“There may be no good time for such things,” Victoria’s father said. “I’m afraid I have terrible news, Victoria. It’s about your wedding.”

“What’s happened, Father? I do hope Wilfred is well.”

“My dear, that word can have many meanings,” he said, his mouth and eyebrows deepening into a scowl that lifted Victoria’s heart. “He is well finished with polite society. That means he’s well finished with any daughter of mine.”

“Is there no hope?” her mother said, tears standing in her eyes. “No salvation?”

“None. An inspector will likely be round to ask whether we have anything to contribute to the investigation. I told him we had no secrets of Mr. Abernathy’s or our own to keep. I am sorry, Victoria. Other suitable arrangements will be made, I can assure you of that.”

“Yes, Father,” Victoria said, her voice and face reflecting her mother’s heartbreak perfectly. “I’ll speak to the inspector if it will help. I trust it will all work out for the best in the end.”

Victoria stood, holding her napkin to her face, and walked quickly out of the room.

“Shouldn’t have let him barter me off to the highest bidder, Mother,” she said under her breath. “And you should never have let him bring us back to this awful place.”
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