Royalty's Strangest Tales, Geoff Tibballs
Geoff Tibballs

Royalty's Strangest Tales

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A rollicking collection of stories featuring the craziest, daftest and most outrageous monarchs the world has ever known.

Packed with royal stories from 2,000 years of history, from the immortality-obsessed first Emperor of China to our very own master of tact and diplomacy, Prince Philip, this book will leave the reader fascinated, entertained and occasionally appalled.

We’ll meet all sorts of colourful royal characters, including the Roman Emperor Caligula, who was unspeakably cruel to his subjects but worshipped his horse, Charles VI of France, convinced he was made of glass, and Frederick William I of Prussia, who recruited – and sometimes kidnapped – the tallest men in Europe to form his private army. There are tales of scandal, including secret marriages, illegitimate offspring, royal pickpockets and alleged vampirism, and madness, cross-dressing and pigeon-fancying also crop up!

Fully updated with a selection of new stories, this absorbing book is the perfect gift for history fans.
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