A Joosr Guide to The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

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Why are small businesses so prone to failure? Learn about the pitfalls of starting and running a small business, as well as how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Michael Gerber uses The E-Myth Revisited to explore the reasons why small businesses today fail more often than they succeed. The people who start businesses often lack a thorough understanding of what it takes to own a business and how to manage it. By learning the elements of entrepreneurship and understanding the ultimate objectives of owning a business, you can improve your chances for success and end up with a profitable company.

You will learn:

· How you can build a systemized business that can run without you – so you can work less, not more!

· The three important phases your business must go through to succeed

· How you can transform your business into a product that will interest investors so you can make a meaningful profit if you ever sell it.
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