David Long

The Quest for Holiness—From Casual Conviction to Courageous Faith

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As disciples of Jesus, how do we live within the holy love of God as he did? How do we develop the faith necessary to face the challenges of living as Christians in a way that honors and glorifies God? This is a journey on which we quickly realize it requires more than just ordinary faith. It requires courageous faith, an ever-deepening faith that flows out of a deep trust in God. This calling is examined as we look at the lives of heroes of the faith such as Abraham, Jeremiah, and Paul, and listen to the words of others who, through the years, have asked the same questions we are to be asking today. This is the third book in this series. The foundations of spiritual formation are examined in the first book in this series, The Quest for Holiness—From Shallow Belief to Mature Believer. The second book, The Quest for Holiness—From Deadly Sin to Divine Virtue, invites the reader to prayerfully reflect on Holy Spirit–led transformation into the image of God. Together these books are a resource for anyone truly seeking the image of God in his or her life.
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