Scott Baker

A Warmer Shade of Blue

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When most people think of the police—cops—they think of scenarios seen on TV or read in the newspapers, with valiant law enforcement crime fighters battling drug dealers, organized crime,mobsters, gangs, and criminals of all kinds. But as Scott Baker, former NYPD officer, describes in A Warmer Shade of Blue Stories About Good Things Cops Do, the thing that cops want most is to help people in simple, everyday ways.

In heartwarming, inspiring stories about the good things that cops do above and beyond their law enforcement duties, Baker tells of cops who spend their own time and money, on the job and off, to help the elderly, the young, and the sick cope with their problems in life. From the patrolman who helped a sick little girl be blessed by the Pope, to attending funerals of fallen cops and caring for their families, to feeding and clothing the homeless, to helping troubled kids stay on the right path, the stories show that cops care.

Constantly battling the crime and indifference of the cold dark side of society, cops also want to show themselves and others that there is a warmth to humanity as well. After reading these stories, you’ll know it’s true.
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