Till Next We Meet, Karen Ranney
Karen Ranney

Till Next We Meet

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In a departure from her nationally bestselling Highland Lord series, Karen Ranney brings us another emotionally intense and passionate story that will speak to her fans.
When Adam Moncrief, Colonel of the Highland Scots Fusiliers, agrees to write a letter to Catherine Dunnan, one of his officers' wives, a forbidden correspondence develops and he soon becomes fascinated with her even though Catherine thinks the letters come from her husband, Harry Dunnan. Although Adam stops writing after Harry is killed, a year after his last letter he still can't forget her.Then when he unexpectedly inherits the title of the Duke of Lymond, Adam decides the timing is perfect to pay a visit to the now single and available Catherine.What he finds, however, is not the charming, spunky woman he knew from her letters, but a woman stricken by grief, drugged by laudanum and in fear for her life. In order to protect her, Adam marries Catherine, hoping that despite her seemingly fragile state, he will once again discover the woman he fell in love with.
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Erin Lane
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Lady Arachnia
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Hailey Moghalu
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You destroyed my gown.”
“You should sleep naked from now on, Catherine.”
Rakhee Doshi
Rakhee Doshije citiralaпре 5 месеци
A storm is God’s way of showing his presence, while the dark is an absence of light. Does evil not happen more in the darkness than in the midst of a storm?
Lady Arachnia
Lady Arachnia je citiralaпрошле године
Dear heavens, was she so pagan as to lust after a man because of how he looked naked?
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