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Anna Adams

Mary Pearl: Book 1

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“Staring into the water, Mary could see the reflection of a person. Someone with messy hair and a dirty face. Is that really me?”

Mary was used to a tough life. After Mama and Papa died she and her older brother, Henry, took over the remote family farm and became parents to their four younger siblings. One year went by and the children were doing fine. Until the Indian attack.

Now plodding through an endless forest for countless hours every day is normal. Will it never end? Anxious to keep her family together, Mary spends every spare moment encouraging her siblings and drawing strength from her big brother. But even more important is the connection she holds onto even as everything else is ripped away – her faith in God.

Join Mary in this inspirational tale of courage, loss, faith, and love. Come with her as she travels…

Into the Wilderness
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