Neil Hoechlin

Mastering Business Social Media Marketing in Theory & Practice

“When Individuals and Businesses Want to Dominate Social Media, This is the Book They Read…”
(Includes $89 worth of BONUS Social Marketing Courses)
While social media may have changed the way people communicate all over the world, it has also revolutionized marketing of products and services. Armed with the latest technology, using the right social media channels and adopting and implementing the right strategies will help you market your products and services like never before!

If you've always  wanted to promote your business on social media for a while, yet haven’t taken the step due to the complex marketing strategies that thismedium involves, then this book will help you take that first, but most important step.
Clear all your doubts, understand the concept and plunge into the world of social media marketing, armed with this book,
to see your business grow in leaps and bounds in the coming future.

Features of this book:
Its all about doing social media marketing the right way.
The simple sentences and to-the-point approach makes the book a rather easy one to read and understand for almost anybody. It is not a very lengthy book either. So you will be saving quite a lot of time and using it effectively to carry out your marketing efforts (and succeeding) on social media.
Categorically impressive: Readers can read the different sections of the book if they feel that they are weak in one specific area. The book is written and organized in such a way, that reading only one section will help you get an idea of what is going wrong in your marketing efforts in that concerned field. If you have hired someone to carry out your social media activities but he is not 
making use of the tools available on the different channels of social media, then just read about the tools section and that should help you solve your problem.
Comprehensive approach: Marketing has been approached as a comprehensive practice in this book, which means that each and every aspect has been discussed in detail – right from preparing your strategies to responding to negative comments – there is 
no section that the author has missed out on.
This book will teach you the following:

Prepare for social media marketing
Practice social media marketing
Types of social media campaigns
The Social Media Marketing Voice
Pillars of a successful SMM campaign
How to respond to criticism
Social media marketing platforms
How to market using a Facebook page
How to market using Facebook ads How to market using a group on Facebook
How to market using Facebook apps
Facebook live
Bottom line
Sponsored marketing on Twitter
How to promote your product
Types of YouTube videos you can use LinkedIn
Getting started
LinkedIn tips
Integrating social media marketing with other forms of marketing
Marketing through your website
Email marketing
Ways to integrate Email marketing with social media marketing
Mobile marketing
Influencer marketing
Why an influencer
Tips to help you put up a successful influencer Marketing strategy
Create the actual influencer campaign
Evaluate your social media marketing strategy
Why is measuring ROI important
Track your following
Identify the best times to engage
Evaluate reactions to your posts
Track mentions
Know the demographics of your audience
Know your reach
Analyze replies and comments on your posts
much,much more…

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