Captive Prince: Volume Two, S.U.Pacat

Captive Prince: Volume Two

315 štampanih stranica
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Laurent was well made and capable, and Damen was a man, as other men. Half the soldiers in this camp wanted Laurent under them. The body’s reaction could be discounted, as it had been, determinedly, at the inn. Any man would have been roused by Laurent playing pet in his lap. Even knowing what was under the earring.
You think that too-stuck-up-to-fuck stuff is just an act, and he’s really just a tease who wants cock?’

"¿Crees que eso de ser demasiado engreído para follar es sólo una actuación, y él es sólo una provocación que quiere verga?

As the night wore on, Laurent had abandoned his deliberate comportment for a relaxed, youthful pose, drawing one knee up to his chest and slinging an arm around it. Damen had found his gaze drawn to the easy arrangement of Laurent’s limbs, the balance of wrist on knee, the long, finely articulated bones.
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