The Tastiest Side Dish, Clara Cummings
Clara Cummings

The Tastiest Side Dish

A man goes into a diner and finds the food isn’t the only thing on the menu. He’s finds what he believes is the tastiest side dish ever.

Excerpt: She wiped his table clean once more because of some droplets coming from his wet hair. He did not notice how endowed her front was at first and he bit his lips when he stared at the small opening where he could see an indication of the soft swells of her large breasts. When he returned his eyes on her face, he knew that she caught him staring. Fortunately, there was no change in her expression when she walked away.
His eyes followed her as she returned to the kitchen. Each sway of her hips was so sexy it made his eyes roll left and right as he watched with lustful eyes. The pink waitress uniform hugged her slender waist and her trim hips perfectly.
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