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Harvard Business Review on Making Smart Decisions

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Why do bad decisions happen to good managers?If you need the best practices and ideas for smart decision making--but don't have time to find them--this book is for you. Here are 10 inspiring and usefulperspectives, all in one place.This collection of HBR articles will help you:— Make bold decisions that challenge the status quo— Support your decisions with diverse data— Avoid choices that justify past bad decisions— Evaluate risks and benefits with equal rigor— Check for faulty cause-and-effect reasoning— Test your decisions with experiments— Foster and address constructive criticism— Defeat indecisiveness with clear accountability— Root out unconscious prejudices
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Amirthraj Amirthalingam
Amirthraj Amirthalingamje citiraoпре 2 године
The bank finally solved the problem by instituting a policy requiring that a loan be immediately reassigned to another banker as soon as any problem arose.

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