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Bad date, good story
Real conversation involves give and take, one person talking, the other listening; then switcheroo, talker becomes listener, and you’re building a connection. A good conversation usually has that moment of identification, the “click,” where both parties engage, they become equally interested in sharing their own thoughts on the topic and also hearing what the other has to say about it. The energy escalates, there’s a palpable excitement, there are interruptions and backtracking
Everybody loves a lover, but no one finds himself falling for the girl who gives off a needy, desperate vibe.
When you’re feeling good about yourself, you give off an “I’m attractive” vibe—it’s evident in your manner, the way you carry yourself, the way you talk about your life.
It is actually not true that you must love yourself in order for someone to love you (people will love you no matter how you feel about yourself). Neither must you necessarily love yourself before you can truly love someone else (who among us has not felt burning love for another while simultaneously experiencing some level of self-loathing?).
There’s nothing that affirms your amazingness more than someone holding up a mirror to you, reflecting back your best self.
high hopes but low expectations.
Dare to think for yourself. Start to look in the mirror and see your body as a unique work of art. Visually embrace its actual size and shape. Appreciate your own physical self. Don’t accept at face value the socially prevalent “norms.” Who says they’re right?
who hasn’t lived a little bit as though they were immortal?
What Not to Sell
• your body
• your organs
• your passport
• your soul
• your friends’ secrets about their affairs with politicians to the tabloids
The Internet may not be a physical “place,” but the money you spend there is real and you do have to pay those bills, just like in the real world.
5. Required reading: Get a Financial Life, by Beth Kobliner
your budget doesn’t have to be complicated, just accurate and effective.
Okay, this may involve some Kundalini breathing and Iron & Wine on the stereo, but it really shouldn’t turn into an all-nighter. (Okay, maybe one night, but it’s worth it.)
Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science, by Charles Wheelan, which actually makes thinking about money fun.
Most of us fall somewhere in between absolute certainty and absolutely no idea
Networking may seem even more intimidating to women
Why should anyone do me a favor?” They shrink from asking for anything in person or on the phone. Clearly it’s about rejection.
Send a mass e-mail to friends asking if they know of available jobs.
• If all else fails, just pick up the phone and ask if a company is hiring. What’s the worst that can happen?
Craigslist and other online job sites
• Classified ads in local newspapers and magazines
• University career services Web sites
• Alumni magazines
• “Pink Slip” parties or other gatherings for the recently laid-off
• Headhunters who specialize in specific areas (I know one guy who essentially places every private school teacher in a particular city—prospective teachers who don’t know about him start out with a big handicap.)
• Networking events, cocktail parties, hog roasts, etc., for specific fields
• Web sites of specific organi
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