Elizabeth Laphorne

Hide and Seek

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Book 2 in the Rutledge Werewolves series
Accountant Josephine Lomax goes to her boss about discrepancies in the company's records-and stumbles on him and a crooked cop. She flees and begins an intricate game of hide-and-seek.
Then William Rutledge enters the picture, bringing a passion to Josephine's life she never dreamed possible. But William wants more, he wants to know all about her. Finding out William is a cop presents Josephine with a new problem-to run again or take a chance she can trust him. Fear wins out and she runs, leaving William a man on the edge. Unable to get Josephine out of his mind or dreams and determined to convince her to trust him, he tracks her down-and finds more than he expected. He knows he will have to sort out whatever put her on the run to begin with.
But one thing is certain in William's mind. Josephine's running days are over.
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