New Emotional Intelligence: Body Language & Lie Detection, Craig Beck
Craig Beck

New Emotional Intelligence: Body Language & Lie Detection

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We are taught to lie by the very people who end up being most offended by the practice. Our parents tell us to ‘wipe that expression off our face’, when we turn our nose up at food we don’t like – they would apparently prefer us to pretend we do like it rather than admit the truth. Occasionally we are told to use a different tone of voice – a nice one, that doesn’t reflect how we really feel.

As part of the New Emotional Intelligence series, in this book human behaviour and communication expert Craig Beck reveals the lie detection secrets of the F.B.I. and behavioural analysis unit (B.A.U). Using these little known skills you too can become a master of reading the truth behind another persons story.

The knowledge in this book will have practical applications in all areas of your life:

• Interviewing prospective employees.
• Price negotiation.
• Dating & relationships.
• Effective parenting.
• Career negotiations.
• And much more…
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