We Are The End, Gonzalo Garcia
Gonzalo Garcia

We Are The End

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‘A unique and breathtaking talent.’ Scarlett Thomas
“Gonzalo Garcia is so talented: a new deep and hilarious literary voice.” Dorthe Nors

Tomás' girlfriend has left him. She has, in fact, fled to Antarctica, leaving him alone in Santiago, where life is rapidly passing him by.
Tomás is a game designer – but he can't see his ideas through.
Tomás also works in a university – where he spends most of his time hiding under a desk.
Tomás’ flat is falling apart. The band he used to play in is doing annoyingly well. He drinks coffee though a straw straight from the pot because he doesn't own a cup…
This smart, funny debut novel from Gonzalo G. Garcia gives a new voice to a disenchanted generation. With its Chilean setting, willingness to play with form and uniquely messed-up central character, it's unlike anything else. But it's also universal. Tomás may be someone who ends up sleeping in a tent in his own living room. But his loss and longing, not to mention his jokes, will touch everyone.
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Literary Latin America, Bookmate
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