Orison Swett Marden

Every Man A King

Spread over twenty-one chapters this book takes us through the benefits of veering our thoughts in right direction and the ways to achieve this feat. A calm and controlled mind is always at the helm of good decision-making and self-confidence. It is a must-read for those who wish to benefit from mastering their mind and lives.


Steering Thought Prevents Life Wrecks

How Mind Rules The Body

Thought Causes Health And Disease

Our Worst Enemy Is Fear

Overcoming Fear

Killing Emotions

Mastering Our Moods

Unprofitable Pessimism

The Power Of Cheerful Thinking

Negative Creeds Paralyze

Affirmation Creates Power

Thoughts Radiate As Influence

How Thinking Brings Success

Power Of Self-Faith Over Others

Building Character

Strengthening Deficient Faculties

Gain Beauty By Holding The Beauty Thought

The Power Of Imagination

Don't Let The Years Count

How To Control Thought

The Coming Man Will Realize His Divinity

Dr. Orison Swett Marden (1848–1924) was an American inspirational author who wrote about achieving success in life and founded SUCCESS magazine in 1897. He is often considered as the father of the modern-day inspirational talks and writings and his words make sense even to this day. In his books he discussed the common-sense principles and virtues that make for a well-rounded, successful life.
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