Amelia Wood


This is A Biker Secret Baby Romance

Craig has watched without care as his friends have shacked up, knocked up, and ran away with women. He watched one ruin her life. He watched another grow big. He was there when one got a dose of instant revenge. Everything he’s seen, the drama and the complacency, couldn’t prepare him for the woman about the take over his entire life.

When Jared, Craig’s mentor, father figure, and Jay’s actual father, dies of a heart attack, Craig finds himself on a collision course with his daughter.

At first, Kelsie only plans on abiding by her late father’s wishes that no one touch his beloved 1937 Knucklehead but Craig. She trusts his judgement, but even he might not have suspected how intensely she’d be drawn to him. It starts as an appointment to look at the motorcycle Jared kept close to his heart.

It ended in a drunken, tangled mess that kickstarted a romance for the ages.

But every romance needs drama. Around him, his friends had their struggles along the way. Why would he be any different?

20,000 words (Standalone) with beautiful HEA (with no cheating) and NO Cliffhangers!
70 štampanih stranica
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