We Will Not Be Silenced, William Robinson, Maryam S. Griffin
William Robinson,Maryam S. Griffin

We Will Not Be Silenced

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A perennial, and perennially controversial, subject. This book will likely be as strongly denounced as it will be recommended, but everyone interested in the political battles around Israel and Palestine will have to read it.
All 13 testimonials are from scholars and students whose struggle to defend their academic freedom and free speech garnered public and international attention.
The cases of several contributors are especially well-known. Joseph Massad and Steven Salaita made headline news, and Richard Falk's, work at the UN was under constant attack from right-wing media like Fox News.
All the testimonials are original and written for this volume.
There is no single other competitor book of this nature, i.e. that focuses on the Israel lobby's influence on academia as opposed to US foreign policy.
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