Grace Goodwin

Beauty and the Beast

No one denies the beast.

I am a Warlord. A beast.
An assassin for the Intelligence Core.
Even so, I've been sent to Earth for a simple mission: Find a mate.
I hold no hope. Who would want me? I'm scarred… inside and out.
But one look at the human beauty and there is no question, she’s mine.
When she is taken from me, I will use all my training to save her from my enemies.
Nothing on Earth—or any planet in the universe—will keep me from her.
She. Is. Mine.
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    Cris Loje citiralaпрошле године
    It will be almost impossible to save her once she is on that moon base.”
    Cris Loje citiralaпрошле године
    The scars reminded me to be vigilant. To never relax my guard.
    Jessica Araujoje citiraoпре 2 године
    About an ancient named Dracula and his need to drink blood to survive.”

    I blanched, thinking of Lukabo. “You… you don’t drink blood?”

    He grinned. “On the contrary, our bite gives life. Heals illness. Binds us to our mates.”

    The idea of these two with someone like me, a human woman, between them, fucking them, biting her with some kind of super bonding juice? Whoa. And I thought Bahre was intense with how he took me up against the wall. “I’d like to meet Harper.”

    Styx bowed at the waist. “Of course. You and your warlord are welcome in Styx Legion’s territory at any time.”

    “I heard that.” The Prillon in charge, Dr. Helion, walked over and joined us. “I heard that, Styx. I will hold you to it.”

    “I said Bahre and his mate were welcome, Helion. No one else. And do not forget, you will owe me a favor after this is done.”

    “Yes. I am well aware of your demands.” Helion looked at me. “Are you ready? I have word from my people in the landing bay that Cerberus has arrived. He will be here in a few minutes.”

    “Landing bay? He didn’t transport?” I asked.

    “Never.” That was all Dr. Helion said in answer.

    “Then I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” I looked at Bahre, who held my gaze just long enough to make me feel truly seen. He knew I needed to do this. He also seemed to be the only one who realized just how scared I was, how making small talk calmed me.

    Helion looked to Rett. “Demand double Lukabo’s price.
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