Harvard Business Review,Nancy Duarte,Mary Shapiro,Bryan A. Garner,Jeff Weiss

Harvard Business Review Guides Ultimate Boxed Set (16 Books)

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This 16-volume, specially priced boxed set makes a perfect gift for aspiring leaders looking for trusted advice on such diverse topics as data analytics, negotiating, business writing, and coaching. This set includes Persuasive Presentations, Better Business Writing, Finance Basics, Data Analytics, Building Your Business Case, Making Every Meeting Matter, Project Management, Emotional Intelligence, Getting the Right Work Done, Negotiating, Leading Teams, Coaching Employees, Performance Management, Delivering Effective Feedback, Dealing with Conflict, and Managing Up and Across. Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, from the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges Also available as an ebook set.
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    What we have been told since the time of the Greeks is that every leader must try to control his own passions before he can hope to command the passions of others.
    Ирина Кординаje citiralaпре 6 месеци
    You have to want to change.
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