Mr. Fox, Helen Oyeyemi
Helen Oyeyemi

Mr. Fox

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What makes a marriage? Does marriage mean the end of fairy-tale romance? It might if your husband is the writer Mr. Fox, who does devilish things to the heroines of his stories. His wife, Daphne, is unable to change his ways, but when his imaginary musethe gorgeously offbeat Mary Foxeconjures herself one sunny afternoon and confronts him about his dark denouements, things take an unexpected turn. Mary challenges Mr. Fox to join her in stories of their own devising, and their romances put our villainous writer through his paces, exploring every facet of love. Full of delicious period detail, this is a love story like no other, and it reaches a new pitch when Daphne becomes suspicious that her husband is having an affair. Mr. Fox is a magical book, endlessly inventive, as witty and charming as it is profound in its truths about how we learn to be with one another.
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