The Art of War / The Book of Lord Shang, Sun Tzu, Shang Yang
Sun Tzu,Shang Yang

The Art of War / The Book of Lord Shang


Translated by Yuan Shibing and J.J.L.Duyvendak. With introductions by Robert Wilkinson.

The two political classics in this book are the product of a time of intense turmoil in Chinese history. Dating from the Period of the Warring States (403–221BC), they anticipate Machiavelli's The Prince by nearly 2000 years.

The Art of War is the best known of a considerable body of Chinese works on the subject. It analyses the nature of war, and reveals how victory may be ensured.

The Book of Lord Shang is a political treatise for the instruction of rulers. These texts are anything but armchair strategy or ivory-tower speculation. They are serious, urgent and practical responses to the desperate situations in which they were written. They have been immensely influential both inside and outside China.

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ABHMje citiraoпре 4 месеца
the Wade-Giles system – and the other, more recent and introduced by the Chinese themselves, called pinyin.
Genia Mahargyani
Genia Mahargyanije citiralaпре 3 године
The greatest commander is not the victor of a hundred battles but he who does not have to do battle at all to win
Vera Zhurina
Vera Zhurinaje citiralaпре 4 године
the victories won by a master of war gain him neither reputation for wisdom nor merit for courage. For he wins his victories without erring.

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