The Selection Series 3-Book Collection, Kiera Cass
Kiera Cass

The Selection Series 3-Book Collection

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The three books of the #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series are available together for the first time, along with the first two novellas in the series. Perfect for gift givers and for fans new to the series, this is the only way to get all five stories in one bundle.
The Selection: 35 girls. 1 crown. The competition of a lifetime. Kiera Cass's bestselling debut is a lush and romantic tale about one girl choosing between two loves—and two very different lives.
The Elite: 35 girls came to the palace. Only 6 remain. In this sequel to The Selection, America Singer has grown closer to Prince Maxon and is among the top six contenders for his heart—but she isn't sure she's ready to be a princess.
The One: 35 girls entered the Selection. Only 1 can win. In this thrilling third novel, America must finally choose between Prince Maxon and her first love, Aspen—but her time to choose may have run out.
The Prince: This novella takes readers inside Prince Maxon's world before the Selection began, when there was another girl in his life.
The Guard: This novella takes readers inside Aspen's world as a guard at the castle, where he is forced to watch his true love fall for someone else.
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Janica Rose Salcedo
Janica Rose Salcedoje citiraoпре 8 месеци
“I’ve been trying to put myself back together, and Maxon really cares about me. You mean so much to me, you know you do. But I’m part of this now, and I’d be stupid to not let myself see what happens.”

“So you’re choosing him over me?” he asked miserably.

“No, I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.”
Carina Rita Hansen
Carina Rita Hansenje citiraoпре 2 године
der, he leaned in and tentatively wrapped his arms around me.
“I only really ever hug my mother. Is this okay?” he asked.
I laughed. “It’s hard to get a hug wrong.”
After a minute, I spoke again. “I know what you mean, though. I don’t really hug anyone besides my family

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