How to Fix the Future, Andrew Keen
Andrew Keen

How to Fix the Future

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Keen’s previous book, The Internet Is Not the Answer, was widely praised by the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Financial Times, and Economist, among others, and chosen as a best book of the year by Kazuo Ishiguro in the New Statesman.
As consensus builds around the problems caused by the dominance of the internet in our lives and society, we need to focus on solutions to our digital predicament. Keen identifies five key strategies: competitive innovation, regulation, consumer choice, civic responsibility, and education, and grounds his narrative in history—how we tamed the worst excesses of the Industrial Revolution and how we can do the same in the wake of the Digital Revolution.
Praised by internet experts and laymen alike, Keen has 23,000 followers on Twitter and is regularly asked to moderate tech conversations at the highest level—including in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma of Alibaba. He is a columnist for CNN, a regular contributor for newspapers, radio and TV, and is in high demand for speaking engagements.
This is a global book based on significant travel and reporting, including in China, Russia, Africa, Germany, Eastern Europe, as well as Silicon Valley and New York City.
Keen’s first book, The Cult of the Amateur (2007), was one of the earliest digital-sceptic books and was translated into seventeen languages.
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while we are all too familiar with what is broken, we don’t seem to know how we can get anything to work anymore.
Our old twentieth-century system doesn’t work anymore, but its replacement, a supposedly upgraded twenty-first-century version, isn’t functioning properly either
hyperconnectivity powered by the internet, that lies behind much of the disruption.
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