China Condensed. 5,000 Years of History & Culture, Ong Siew Chey
Ong Siew Chey

China Condensed. 5,000 Years of History & Culture

About five thousand years ago, the fertile flatlands of the middle Yellow River slowly emerged and grew to what we know today as China. Throughout the millennia, this civilisation has slowly evolved to be one of the world’s biggest economy to reckon with today. This book is a quick introduction to China, with the major part being devoted to its long history. The reader is taken on an insightful journey through the dynasties and learns first hand the major evolutionary changes in almost every aspect of China’s development, particularly in arts and culture.This compact and accessible book successfully condenses five millennia of Chinese history and civilisation. More than a dry recitation of dates, names and events, the book coves a wide range of interesting topics such as the mythical beginnings of China, Chinese stories and legends, traditional Chinese medicine and more current facts and observations
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Tradition holds that the pattern of traditional Chinese culture was set in the early Zhou dynasty when Zhou Gong (周公), regent for a young king, introduced The Rites of Zhou (周礼).

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